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What is Secret Getaway?

Secret Getaway is your online travel concierge handpicking the best value offers for local getaways and luxury city stays.

We save you time by curating the best offers from each profiled establishment: according to category & area that changes every week. This is just one of the ways we ensure you, as our member experiences more luxury for less!

We specialise in the exceptional establishments that normally cater for the international market and budget, but whom would also like to attract locals for spontaneous and/ or off-season stays. You sign up as a member either using Facebook, Google or your email.

How do I book my Secret Getaway?

Sign up to the site so that you unlock access to all the details, choose your favourite getaway from the handpicked selection available. Buy immediately or check availability first. Make payment through the secure online payment portal. Receive your voucher, contact the establishment to complete your reservation by using the details on the voucher. Limited Offers are available for Limited Time, there may be as few as 1 or as many as 100 vouchers available per offer. Offers rotate randomly, so next time you visit the site you will be surprised by a different selection.

Why are there a limited number of hotels & establishments on the website at one time?

The online world is a noisy place and if you want a spontaneous getaway what you need is “someone” in the know to compile a short-list of handpicked, quality, great value options. Your concierge at Secret Getaway is that ‘someone’. Your personal concierge, if you like.

There will always be a careful selection of Luxury City Stays as well as handpicked getaways in surrounding areas. All city stays and getaways are carefully selected based on their reviews, quality and service standards.

We think star grading can be quite inconsistent. Therefore we take care to grade our establishments carefully into our own unique categories:

  • Crown are ultra luxurious, a royal experience that’s fit for a king.
  • Premium are popular 5* hotels that offer a fantastic level of service & experience.
  • Classics are 4* trusted favourites that consistently exceed guest’s expectations.
  • Character establishments are ungraded getaways that surprise and delight with their location/ service or unique features and high-quality standards & service.

What establishments are available on Secret Getaway?

Secret Getaway showcase the best of the best in South African hospitality. It is a token of pride that they are selected to fill our limited slots. There are many websites available out there that offer any and all hotels, we aren’t one of those. We believe less is more, and selection is critical to ensure quality and trust. When you see a establishment on our site, they have been carefully chosen, briefed and are as excited to welcome you as you should be to experience their hospitality. The hotels rotate ad hoc throughout the year, some places only once, others a couple more, but never more than once per season, this is to keep it fresh for you, and to ensure they make the most of their time on the site with the best and most unique offer possible.

How does Secret Getaway decide that a hotel is excellent?

We aren’t just eCommerce, digital dorks. On our team is an experienced hotelier who has worked at luxury leisure hotels across the world, ensuring quality curatorship for Secret Getaway. Our hotel partners can also have greater confidence that Secret Getaway understands their needs and provides them with a unique online tool to increase their occupancy when they need to by offering irresistible specials to you as local members of Secret Getaway

How much information are you given about the establishment?

Before login you are able to view a hint image, location and name of the offer. Once you login, other details: establishment name, offer inclusions, validity info and additional images will be available. If you require further info, simply send an enquiry via the website and your Secret Getaway concierge will offer any info required to enable you to decide.

What dates are available?

Note the “Travel Dates” Section, listing “This Limited Offer is valid for travel on or between “x” date & “y” date & subject to availability at time of booking. There is also a “check availability” button if you prefer to receive current availability info. For any special requirements or ad hoc requests, members can email us. If you prefer dates be held for you, arrangements can be made via email, note bookings can only be held for a maximum of 24hrs without payment. If travel is within 48hrs, bookings can be held until the end of business day on the same day as the request. Offers are never held for a member unless a member explicitly requests it.

How long do I have to buy a specific offer available on the site?

Offers are featured for a Limited Time and there are also a Limited Number available. Some hotels only make 3 vouchers available, and others may many more. There is no fixed rule on how many days the offer will remain on the site as it all depends on demand and how quickly they sell out. When you select an offer on the site and before payment, it is held for you for 20 minutes to give you enough time to complete your purchase so you are assured of being able to purchase your selection if it is the last available voucher available. If you do not purchase within 20min, the offer will be released back onto the site.

Once I have my voucher, how much time do I have to make my reservation?

You can buy vouchers while they are live on our site, the BOOK/CONFIRM BY date, is listed under the details of the offer in the “Travel Dates” section. Typically you have 7 days from when you purchase in order to complete the reservation process.

How do I find out about new Hotel Offers?

Simply by signing into the website whenever you are looking for some local travel temptation. We send out our establishment highlights weekly on email when the new offers are uploaded onto the site.

We promise that our offer is the best price available for your getaway.

We work very closely with our hotel partners to ensure that our offers are too tempting to resist. In the unlikely event that you happen to discover the same room category and experience for less or the same on another website during that period or for 7 days after purchasing your offer, then we will liaise with the hotel to ensure you get more extras included during your stay, and that the offer is amended or removed.

How can my friend become a member?

You are able to invite your friends by sending them your unique code that is under your My Account tab.

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