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Exclusive Getaways at Exclusive Properties.

International visitors flock to our country to experience it’s magic. Yet, as locals, we leave town to get away for a weekend. Why not experience the magic of our city like tourists do?

We specialise in short, spontaneous nights away at spectacular 4 and 5* hotels, guest houses and lodges.

Let a luxury date night linger a little longer into a romantic night away, find a unique family escape for the kids to roam free or a getaway perfect for a group of friends. Sometimes a small change is all you need to recharge your batteries & reignite your love for life, and the city you call home. Why leave our amazing tourist hotels purely for the tourists?

Our mission is to entice locals to experience the places and properties that offer that little bit extra right under their noses.

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How does Secret Getaway work?

Secret Getaway is South Africa’s first flash sale travel website that is members only. It is easy to sign up, and free to join.

It Saves You Time...Limited choice offers unlimited joy. As consumers we are inundated with choices and discounts every day, what we all seek is genuine value and a unique experience. That is what we aim to deliver. To achieve this we limit the number of properties that can showcase on Secret Getaway at any one time, because often less is more, and by limiting the number of spaces for each hotel type the hotels then make the most of their moment to shine.

An Online Concierge... Every week we showcase the best offers in your city or as a getaway across 4 different categories and price points:

  • Top Secret are the ultra 5* properties: sometimes these offers are so good we don’t even use the hotels name! You don’t know the name of the hotel until you have purchased but you do know it is a rate you cannot resist. We give you as much information as we can, without spoiling the fun and giving the name of the hotel away.
  • Premium Portfolio are amazing and popular 5 star hotels that are already firm favourites with the locals.
  • Classic Collection are 4 star properties that under-promise but overdeliver. They are often the hidden gems needing their own moment to shine.
  • Character Collection. These are ungraded properties that are often small owner managed getaways that may be budget but they are brilliant and keep you wanting to stay a little longer.

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How do we get the rates we do, at the properties we do?

Simple. We offer the hotels a win-win solution. Empty rooms do happen, even to the best hotels in the best city. Hotels can at times have tour groups suddenly cancel, or any opening for a room that they’d like to fill. We are the most responsive platform available which means that they can offer one room or 100 rooms. You just might be the lucky one to nab the only room at the best 5* in the city at an amazing rate! Because our members have to sign up to see the specials and the specials change constantly then they can play a little luxury lottery on Secret Getaway to tempt locals out of their plans and into an adventure!

Secret Getaway offers a unique brand conscious way to fill those empty rooms for them without anyone else knowing.

Except you and us. Let’s keep it that way, shall we? Our little secret.

Why does it sometimes need to be secret?

In this digital age big brands need to be mindful of how their rates are viewed and distributed across the web. Some hotels follow international restrictions on the lowest rates available. We offer a discreet and selective method for them to fill one or two nights, or 50 nights, depending on their season and size.

It’s not only the iconic tourist hotels we cater for, but all types of exceptional top-end properties from boutique hotels to big brands. As long as they are something special then it’s likely they will be available at some stage on Secret Getaway. You’ll just have to be lucky to find your favourite one

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