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Secret Getaway is South Africa’s first limited offer & flash sale travel website that is members only. It is easy to sign up, and free to join.

Let a luxury date night linger a little longer into a romantic night away, find a unique family escape for the kids to roam free or a getaway perfect for a group of friends. Sometimes a small change is all you need to recharge your batteries & reignite your love for life, and the city you call home. Why leave our amazing tourist hotels purely for the tourists?


Saving You Time: Only the Best Selection.

As consumers we are inundated with choices and discounts every day, what we all seek is genuine value and a unique experience without an overwhelming selection of offers.

That is what Secret Getaway delivers. An Online Concierge. Because every week the best offers in your city or getaway area are highlighted across 4 different categories and price points:

  • Crown are ultra luxurious, a royal experience that’s fit for a king.
  • Premium are popular 5* hotels that offer a fantastic level of service & experience.
  • Classics are 4* trusted favourites that consistently exceed guest’s expectations.
  • Character establishments are ungraded getaways that surprise and delight with their location/ service or unique features and high-quality standards & service.

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Our newsletters are small temptations for travel that reveal the latest and greatest available to you because the offers constantly change as do the hotels themselves. Our newsletter is the fastest way to get a peek into the best there is.

Email isn’t everything though. So if you don’t want to be emailed a newsletter. Unsubscribe. We won’t take it personally. Actually we will.. but we won’t make it awkward ;)

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